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Saturday, July 15, 2017

July Stars and Stripes
Week two

Winners of Give Away
Mary's Grab Bag
Christmas Challenge


Bridget Wilson for our  USA follower
Mouse from England for our International follower

We are thrilled to have such a great response to our giveaway and to meet so many new stitching friends, please keep coming back because we will be having more fun giveaways in the future.

Mary's Grab Bag/Quilt Show

I recently had the pleasure of attending two quilt shows.  The first show was held in early May and hosted by The Northern Star Quilters Guild in Danbury, Connecticut.  This was a large show with over 300 quilts displayed which included bed quilts, traditional quilts, hand and machine quilted, and art quilts.  I was in quilting heaven!

I attended the show with my friend, Grace, who displayed a quilt of her own design called "October Sky".   Her quilt was entered in the Art-Small category. They all measured less than 20 inches on each side.  Autumn is my favorite season and I loved her entry.

The show also had a wonderful boutique with over 30 vendors.  It was a great place for cross stitchers to shop for fabrics as many of the vendors sell the fabric in fat quarters.  One can never have too many fabrics in their stash and lovely Moda fabrics came home with me.

This past weekend I attended another show presented by The Milford Valley Quilters in Milford, Pennsylvania.  I brought my husband to the show and he enjoyed it as much as I did.

Please be sure to read the descriptions for the quilts that I posted.  These quilts were extremely beautiful but the story behind them is what pulled at my heartstrings.

The quilts that follow are just a small sampling of the talent that was displayed at both of these shows.  If you have the opportunity to attend a quilt show, please go and support these talented men and women.  You will be in awe at the talent and originality of these artists.

  Northern Star Quilters Guild Show
Grace's beautiful quilt

The photo does not do this quilt justice.

The detail on this quilt was amazing

Lovely sentiment on this block

Brilliant colors

close up of quilting

Such a cute fox

A quilters shopping paradise!

The Milford Valley Quilter's Show

            Made and quilted by Dorothy Decker, designed by Barbara Adams of Blackbird Designs                  

A Single Bud

The raffle prize for 2018 from the Milford Guild.  I will be taking chances on this beauty.

Gorgeous applique work

Christmas Challenges

RJ - I stitched another Prairie Schooler Santa.   This one is patriotic and from 2002.   I used my own choices of over dyed threads and stitched it on 35 ct. cocoa linen.  I'm enjoying all of these Santas and can't wait until I finish them and have a completed set.   I've got my dough bowl ready for that day.

Such fun patterns to stitch.

I used over dyed threads instead of the called for thread colors

Prairie Schooler Patriotic Santa
35 ct. Weeks Cocoa linen
over dyed threads of my choice


Mary -  North Pole Express is a sweet, though unrealistic, stitch from Little House Needleworks. A polar beer pulling a sled???  I still think it's adorable and I really enjoyed stitching this pattern.  I'm so glad RJ suggested this challenge.  Now, my tree will be adorned with pretty new ornaments.

North Pole Express
by Little House Needleworks
complimentary chart when you buy the selected threads
mystery linen
Next week will be our old ornaments made new.   Hope to see you.  Mary and RJ

  One flag, one land, one heart, one hand, one nation evermore 
                                                 Oliver Wendell Holmes

Friday, July 7, 2017

July Stars and Stripes
Week one

July is a special month because we celebrate our country’s birthday.   Our flag is very dear to our hearts and we really enjoy making patriotic stitches.  We hope you all had a very Happy Fourth of July! 


We chose two different projects to make this month.  One is a patriotic flower bag and the other is a paperweight.  The flower bag pattern will be part of our give away.   The paperweight is also included to be used with any stitch you wish to put in it.  Both of these projects were fun to stitch.   The only hard part was choosing from all the great patriotic patterns that are offered.

RJ’s flower bag:   This pattern is called Liberty House by Homespun Elegance.  It called for hand stitching the seams on the outside, but I decided to add seam allowances and stitch it by machine and then turn it inside out.   I also added plaid fabric at the bottom, a coordinating plaid with stars above the stitch and a coffee dyed ticking fabric cuff at the top. After turning the cuff down,  I attached one of my favorite USA charms to it.  Then I added some plaid straps stitched on with buttons.   It makes a cute flower bag to hang on your door and greet your visitors. 

Love the sweet little flag!

Closeup of USA charm stitched to cuff 

I was thinking it would make a great housewarming gift if you changed the ABC to the monogram of the family and change the 1776 to the year they moved into their home.

I hung it on a bookcase but it would look great on your front door

Closeup of blue wood buttons added to the plaid strap 

Liberty House
by Homespun Elegance
22 ct. over two Ariosa fabric
mostly called for over dyed threads

cute flag made by a friend



Mary's paperweight:  I used  "Patriotic Scissor Pocket" by The Scarlet House to display under my paperweight.  The little flag, bird and flower stitch was the perfect size using 40 count linen to fit in the paperweight.  This was a Thank You gift for a friend that served our country in the Air Force as a career officer.  I hope he likes my small token of appreciation.

This is the paperweight that will be in the give away that you can put your own stitch in.

Patriotic Scissor Pocket
by The Scarlett House
40 ct. flax Newcastle linen
called for DMC threads

Next week we will be showing our old ornaments made new.   We hope you will join us.
                                                              RJ and Mary

 This nation will remain in the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave
                                               unknown author

Friday, June 30, 2017

June birds and bees
Week four

Something New

It's week four and time for two new bee stitches.   Hope you like them.  

RJ - This week I stitched a chart by Fanci That called Honeybee.   She is a sweet, whimsical angel that was really fun to stitch. This is one of the patterns received from Cathy, the lady Mary met on facebook that sent us so many of her Fanci That patterns.  We hope to stitch many of them.  We have since found out that Fanci That is not making patterns anymore which makes them that more special. 

Honeybee will be our first one but we have lots more we will be sharing in the future. I would like to stitch one for each season and special holidays.  So I have decided to put them in a frame and just change them out according to the time of the year.   Besides the ones Cathy sent us, we have purchased others from Etsy and Ebay.  We would like to pass these on to others as soon as we both get them stitched up.

I added a bee button to the frame at the top

It's another Kohl's frame and the bee button fit just fine under glass.

Closeup of the cute little ballerina slippers she wears that criss - cross up her legs and then tie in bows.   How cute!!!

Closeup of her cute halo with stitched bee and the little bee button on her wing

by Fanci That
40 ct. vintage country mocha linen
a mix of overdyed threads
bee buttons from Joann's
frame from Kohl's


Mary - My new stitch is a very sweet pattern from the very talented designer Eszter from the Subrosa blog.  The free pattern can be found here.

I added the words "We're Meant to Bee" because it is an anniversary gift for my niece.  I stitched with variegated threads but have no recollection which ones I used.  But I now keep track of all of my substitutions.  It was a pleasure to stitch on 40 count linen for the very first time.  

This was one of the few finishes that came together easily for me.  I coffee dyed the rosebud fabric to blend better with the country mocha linen.  I found the trim in a Michael's dollar bin.  RJ sent me the bee charm and the cute little pink buttons in a goodie bag awhile ago.  She wanted to know where I found such sweet little buttons.  I had to remind her that she sent them to me and she was not getting them back!!!  

I added the words We're Meant To Bee.

Closeup of the trim, buttons and charm.

Free chart from Sub Rosa blog
40 ct. country mocha linen
unknown over dyed threads

Happy stitching!   We hope to see you next week with our new styling with stitches project. Thank you for stopping by.   Your visits are much appreciated.
                                                           Mary and RJ

   As wings are to a bird, and sails are to a ship, so is prayer to the soul.
                                                author unknown

Friday, June 23, 2017

June Birds and Bees
Week three 

Before we get started with our stitches, we want to say thank you for the tremendous response to our give away.  We are happy you like it and want to be included.  If you have not signed up yet, there is still time ... the sign up will continue until July 13 th! Requirements are simple: just be a sidebar follower and leave a comment where you are from so we can put you in the correct drawing.  If you forgot to let us know which drawing you need to be in there is still plenty of time to let us know.  Details of the give away can be found in the June 16th Grab Bag post.

Something Old Made New

We have some old stitches that we have been working on this week to add a little something extra to their original finish.   For June we picked two of our favorite oldies.

RJ - I picked Sleigh bird by Little by Little.   I saw this stitch on Twisted Stitcher one afternoon and had to find the pattern.   I totally fell in love with it.   I searched the title on google but did not have a lot of luck until one day I found it on an online source called Stitching Bits and Pieces.  It was a tricky one to stitch but it really caught my attention and so I made two of them.  The first one I stitched on 30 ct linen and it was nice but bigger than I like so I stitched the second one on 35 ct. cocoa linen and liked it much better.  I decided to stitch the word Noel instead of the called for year because it would be going on my little French tree.   

I love this stitch but it needed a little more!

After: When I think of those old sleighs, bells come to mind.  So that is what I did.  I added some bells to the sleigh rim. At the top, I put a bow and a few larger bells.  Luckily, Mary had the perfect sized bells for the sleigh bird ornament. It was a simple addition but just enough to make a difference. 

Closeup of Sleigh bird

Sitting under some lights in the bookcase and next to a vintage birdcage

Mary sent me this adorable little stand which worked perfectly for this ornament

Sleigh Bird
 Little by Little Designs
35 ct. Weeks Cocoa Linen one over two
Called for over dyed threads


Mary - Little House Needleworks "Seven Pines" is my old ornament that I have updated with a new look.  This was a fast and easy update since all I had to do was add a bell charm, a small heart button and a cording bow.  You can find the bell charm at A.C. Moore.

This was a complimentary chart from LHN that can be found here.

I used the called for threads with the exception of Crescent Colors English Ivy for the trees.

I added a red border around the stitch.

You can see I added a red heart, a twine bow and a bell charm.

Here's a closeup of the bell charm.

Seven Pines
Little House Needlworks
30 ct. linen
called for threads
charm is from AC Moore

                                                              June Freebie 
Here is our June freebie from With Thy Needle and Thread.   Love the birds on top of the basket and the alphabet that is surrounding it.   You can find this chart here.

Next week we will be back with our new stitches for June.   Hope to see you then.
                                                                   RJ and Mary

                             Bee yourself because everyone else is taken.

                                                     author unknown